REMEMBER, REMEMBER, the 5th November..

Today there will be plenty of firework displays taking place all over the UK, so we thought that we would share with you the top experiences that we recommend for worldwide shows. 

Is there anything better than a multi coloured firework filling the night sky whilst you cuddle up with your loved ones to experience the fantastic show.

Check out our Top Three places to visit where you can experience  the best rockets, Catherine Wheels, and sparkles around the world!


Starting of with a big bang would be to spend your New Years Eve in Dubai. 

Dubai currently holds the Guinness World Records for the biggest firework display in the world. Pick your favourite bar in the city as you watch the 500,000 fireworks explode in the sky departing from the Burj Khalifa. Sip your cocktail of choice as you watch the LED lights and lasers light fill the midnight sky.

Top place to see the Dubai fireworks – Ride the Ain Dubai


Head over to Japan next August to attend the oldest fireworks display in the world – Nagaoka Festival. The festivities have been running for over 500 years and home to the biggest firework rocket, Yonshakudama. The 1.2 gigantic rocket shoots into the sky and shoots 823 meters high creating a colourful masterpiece for everyone to see. Besides the amazing firework display you can witness the traditional float dance and the famous floating lanterns down the river. This amazing event is truly once in a lifetime experience.

Top place to see the Nagaoka Festival fireworks:  The stunning Mamma Raro Restaurant


We can’t talk about Firework displays without mentioning why we celebrate the 5th November, Guy Fawkes Day. The 400-year-old traditional has become a well-known celebration throughout the UK. Grab your scarf and hot chocolate as you breath in the cold air and watch the night sky come alive. One of the best firework displays in the UK is The Musical Firework Display at Wimbledon Park. Enjoy the live music, street food and funfair. A great night out for all ages

Top place to see the Fireworks in London: Waterloo Bridge 

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