‘If you enjoy clear blue seas, sight seeing celebrity homes, sipping on rum punch and swimming with everything from fish to little piglets, then The Bahamas three stop tour is the experience for you.

Natasha – Personal Travel Consultant


The tour starts at the Nassau port where you board a speedboat and get offered a Bahama cocktail before you even have chance to sit down. As soon as the boat sets of you will be overwhelmed by the crystal Atlantic Ocean as the tour guide points out celebrity homes such as Johnny Depp, Sean Connery and Oprah Winfrey.

The first place to arrive is Iguana Rock. This is a rock in the middle of the sea that has been taken over by 1,300 iguanas. You will get the chance to explore the land and even feed the lizards grapes on a long stick (be careful if you are wearing red toenails as they may mistake them for grapes!!!)

Experience part two

The tour then continues as you jump back on the boat and speed through the calm ocean as the guide stops so you can swim with the fish and if you are lucky see the Bahamas four foot long Green Turtles. 

Once you are 10 minutes away from Pig Beach (also known as Big Major Cay) you can sense the excitement from everyone on board. As soon as the boat stopped, 30-40 pig all shapes and sizes come to greet you with the classic OINK sounds and tail wiggles.

The crowd favourites are the piglets, you can pick them up, play with and they will even fall asleep on your knee. The rulers of the beach are the Big Momma’s, these are the largest and oldest pigs on the island and they will smell that you have got a carrot from a mile away. You can swim with any of the pig as they are all very gentle and surprisingly very clean. It really was a once in a lifetime experience and definitely one to tick of your bucket list.

experience THREE

Once you have had a swim with the pigs you will then be taken to another island where there is a restaurant situated on the beach.

Here you will be able to relax with a cold drink as you taste the local food and even get the chance to make your own cocktail behind the bar before heading of to the final experience, swimming with sharks.

Swimming with the sharks is not one for the faint hearted, even though they were nursing shark meaning they are harmless, however it was still an exhilarating experience. The sharks range from 3 feet to 7 feet long, they enjoy whipping their tails to make you jump and even come to the top of the water to have a good look at your face.

After the sharks it’s now time to head back to the main island, the staff on the boat made sure that the party didn’t stop as they told us all about the history of the pirates that once lived in The Bahamas and got us all singing old pirate songs. 

This trip really is like nothing you could get anywhere else and is 100% worth it if you are staying in the Bahamas.


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